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How to Maintain Your Jewelry in a Good Condition


Everyone knows that their jewelry is valuable. It is exceptional because it retains both financial or sentimental value. Many people believe that a certain amount of wear and tear is usual. However, if yours is one of the Nikola Valenti Jewelry Collection as seen in, you know that is not the case. It is essential to take a few simple jewelries cares to ensure your precious collection remains perfect as same as when you first bought it.

Not Wearing Jewelry Moments

jewelry fashionOne of the best strategies for keeping your jewelry in good condition is to know when not to wear it. Some examples of these activities are when household cleaning, gardening, swimming, and sleeping. There are many reasons to avoid wearing jewelry during these four activities. For household cleaning, it is best to refrain from using jewelry since many cleaning tools contain compounds that could damage or wash away metals or gemstones. Also, you’re sure to scrub your jewelry with abrasive chemicals in the process. Meanwhile, gardening will only make the jewelry dirty. It is also one of the easiest ways to lost and scratch gold or silver jewelry. 

Furthermore, you should not wear jewelry when swimming since the pool may have chlorine that can attack and discolor gold. Chlorine can also cause changes in jewelry, causing stones to get loose and making them much more likely to fall off. Likewise, sleeping can cause you to brush your jewelry onto your sheets. The dust on your sheets acts as a fine abrasive, and it will alter the ring’s setting over time. Also, it is wise to avoid extreme fluctuations in temperature. If you think you might be doing something strenuous, or if you think you might be coming into contact with chemicals or abrasives, then it’s best not to wear your jewelry.

Cleaning Jewelry Tips

ringsCleaning your jewelry is quite simple, and it should be frequent to prevent taking it to a daycare center for dangerous and expensive cleaning processes. In this case, there are plenty of home remedies and old wives’ tales of the method to clean your jewelry. However, nearly all of them not only don’t do the job but can also be particularly bad for your jewelry. Therefore, be cautious not to use toothpaste, ammonia, boiling water, or even polish solution. 

The reasons for those warning tools are most of them might damage the jewelry. Although it is excellent for removing plaque from your teeth, toothpaste can be abrasive and scratch thicker and gold-plated gems. Meanwhile, ammonia can damage some gemstones, and boiling water is one of the easiest ways to ruin good jewelry. Then, professional polishing solutions even have light abrasion. This abrasive will most likely make your gold jewelry shine, but it will also cause scratches in the gold. 

The best way to clean it is by soaking it in warm water with mild liquid soap or detergent. After that, rinse it in running water and dry it with a soft paper towel. However, you have to clean it frequently to make it sparkle and shine. Diamonds, in particular, need to be cleaned regularly, as they attract grease. A sterile, flawed diamond can look ten times greater than a dirty, ideal diamond.

Storing Jewelry Tips

Proper storage is an essential element of keeping your jewelry in good condition. If you store your jewelry near your diamonds, rubies, and sapphires, they will scratch your precious metals, along with other larger stones, such as emeralds. Take care of your jewelry separately. Many people like to store their jewelry in closets or the freezer at home. All of these are equally poor alternatives for storage. The iron setting of a safe can damage your jewelry, while the extreme cold of a freezer can crack or shatter precious gems. An excellent jewelry box is usually handmade of wood and expertly constructed to showcase your jewelry impressively. When it comes to storing your jewelry, there is no substitute for such an excellent jewelry box. 

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Three Dress Types That Could Make You Perfect on Your Wedding

Almost everyone plans to use a wedding videography service for the wedding day. It helps them to capture the moments to remember later. However, it could cost you more. This case shouldn’t affect your budget for the makeup and the dress. With so many designs available, it can be challenging to choose the ideal one. Worse yet, you visit bridal stores full of graphics and can’t tell the consultant exactly what you need. Here is the detailed information about wedding dress types. Therefore, you could determine your choice before coming to the shops.

wedding dress neckline

Wedding Gown Silhouettes

It is the traditional wedding dress. It is also the most popular choice of brides worldwide. Traditionally thought of as a period rather than a silhouette, the ballerina shape is suitable for younger brides, brides with larger frames, and people who have a softer, more casual theme to their weddings. A ballerina dress usually has a boned bodice and a voluminous skirt. It usually crinolines underneath to give width, height, and fullness. It is known as the princess look. Although it is the most requested dress by brides-to-be, it is not the most commonly purchased because brides are surprised by the weight and volume of the skirt when they wear it. Therefore, this type could be the most comfortable and elegant dress that people should choose.

Wedding Dress Necklines

It is ideal for enhancing the belly, thighs, and more enormous shoulders, making it the best and most attractive fashion for brides-to-be. It is an intricate and fitted shape that outlines every curve. There are not many brides who can wear this beautiful look and feel comfortable. This look is definitely for small brides and people who are more comfortable with their particular curves. It is a sheer neckline when draped over one shoulder, then draped individually over each bust and across the shoulders, or acts as a high neckline. It resembles strapless but with a little more coverage.

This neckline involves a loose drape down the front of the dress. Front or back, high or low, cowl dresses are sexy and add an Old Hollywood touch to your wedding dress. Popular neckline where the fabric folds in on itself and reveals other textiles underneath. This varied neckline gives a sweet but apparent look to your wedding dress. As the name suggests, this neckline includes a high neckline that elongates the bride’s neck and body. Therefore, it is a very traditional look that allows the bride to show a cleavage. This way could help you expose the best part of your body.

Wedding Dress Waistlines

wedding dress waistlineIt is excellent for women with straighter hips and no appealing waist. The vertical tiles without a defined waist on this dress elongate and slenderize. It will give a nice curvy and fitted look to almost any wedding dress. The lack of a V in this cut slims the waist, and the extra fabric underneath is forgiving for larger, curvier hips.

Besides, this layout incorporates definition and focuses below the buttocks in contrast to the standard waist. This design is ideal for a short trunk or to accentuate smaller waists and hide larger hips. This waist raises one side, which is an excellent idea for reducing the buttocks and waistline. This neckline elongates the bride’s entire body, giving her the illusion of being taller and slimmer, and is great for hiding a larger waist or shoulders. Therefore, this dress could be the best option if you have a body type, as explained above.…