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Features To Consider When Shopping for Tungsten Rings

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Many things are put into consideration when shopping for high-quality tungsten rings. A quality ring is not looked at from the price point of view. When it comes to quality of rings, we look at the craftsmanship or the ring’s design. Some of the features of a quality ring are as follows.

Main Attributes

Thicknessring on a book

The ideal thickness of a ring is a maximum of 2.3 millimeters which could be less or more with 0.1 millimeters. Should one find the thickness to be 2.5 millimeters or bigger then it is not quality at all. One should also know that the thickness of a ring is measured from the point where the ring touches one’s finger on the highest point outside the ring’s surface. Quality manufacturers pay very close attention to thickness.


This means one side of the ring is similar to the other side of the ring. One should be careful to compare the two parties to see their similarity. For instance, if the center has a brushed stripe then it should not be off. What is on one side should also be on the other side unless it was designed that way intentionally.

The finishing

There are various finishes like the satin, brushed or a polished. For brushed finishes with a polished center, there should be a straight line around the ring where the finishes meet. Inconsistent finishes show bad work was done hence it is of low quality.


The edges of the ring should not feel sharp. One can know sharp edges if they irritate the skin between one’s fingers and some even cut the skin. A quality ring has its edges smooth since it underwent the final step of finishing rounds of the sharp edges.

ringHaving known how to find high-quality tungsten rings the purchase is next. Thanks to technology one can buy these rings online. The major disadvantage of buying Tungsten Rings online is that one cannot have a feel of what he or she is buying. In such a case one should contact the manufacturer or the seller to determine whether the pictures on their web sites are the actual pictures of the tungsten rings.

Some retailers go a step further to ensure one gets a very close view of the ring as possible. Some do publish the finer details of the ring specifications like thickness, width, and weight. The reputable ones give one a period of money back guarantee where one can return the ring should they find it is not of good quality.…

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Titanium Men Rings- The Best Gift to Buy

Gold, silver and platinum are traditionally known to be men’s ring. Titanium jewelry has continued to increase in popularity in the recent past, and whether you are buying Mens Rings for yourself or as a gift to someone. There are good reasons to why you should consider titanium rings.

Benefits of titanium rings

They are Hypoallergenic

Many people do not wear jewelry because their skin reacts with the metal (they are allergic) but titanium is hypoallergenic. This means if you have sensitive skin, you will have a break with titanium.

They are Durable

Titanium is resistant to scratching and can withstand Titanium Men Ringdaily wear and tear. It is resistant to heat and cold more than platinum or gold. These are good news to those who would like wearing their wedding rings daily. In addition to this, for men who participate in competitive sports, to those who work in the gym to the construction workers, titanium men rings are the way to go.

Titanium is Corrosion Resistant

Unlike gold or silver, Titanium does not corrode easily thus it will not tarnish or lose its color over time. However extra care that can be taken to store gold and silver, they will, in the long run, turn the color because of the oxygen in the air and sweat from the body. Titanium will retain its polished fish making it the best and especially to those who would like to wear their wedding rings daily.


In today’s world of fashion, titanium rings are considered stylish Titanium couple Ringbecause it is still a newcomer in the industry, and many designers are using their creative ideas to showcase the titanium jewelry. The end results- An enthusiastic acceptance of jewelry ring by men

It is Versatile

Some metals cannot be combined with others but not titanium. It can be combined with a variety of gemstones including gold and silver. The finished product can be engraved just like the traditional jewelry but can be anodized to produce titanium bracelets, titanium men rings, and body jewelry, which are appealing when worn by men.


The strength of titanium is high than that of gold and silver but to the man wearing the ring, it will feel lighter. A lighter ring will make you feel much comfortable when wearing that is why many men are switching to titanium rings. For all men who want to look fashionable in town or office, titanium rings are your secret.…