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Tips for Starting a Vegan Beauty Routine


When it comes to veganism, the obvious place to start with is your diet, trading dairy and meat for plant-based alternatives. While this notion is precise, the term now can also mean shoes, dresses, bags, and accessories for vegan fashion. What’s more, there is now a wealth of vegan brands, products, and treatments for beauty regimens. If you are not fond of meat and dairy products, as well as chocolates, you can start a vegan-friendly beauty routine by following the tips below. 

Buy Vegan-Based Menstrual Products

napkinsWe tend to think of veganism in terms of products that don’t contain animal ingredients. Veganism also rejects any form of animal cruelty or exploitation, and many intimate beauty care brands continue to do this.

By buying tampons, menstrual cups, and sanitary pads from vegan brands, such as NatracareThe Honest Company, and Seventh Generation, you can “veganize” your period. And you’ll be certain that no animals are harmed in the process. Besides, these vegan menstrual products are environmentally friendly too. 

Invest In Vegan Hair Care

Beeswax, keratin, gelatin, silk powder, stearic acid, acetyl alcohol, and biotin are among the top animal-derived ingredients. Many hair products are also tested on animals. There are many cruelty-free and plant-based products that can make your hair silky and rich without costing the earth like Bleach LondonAesopIGK HairBeachwaverMade for Life Organics, and Evolve Organic Beauty. And if possible opt for brands with recycled packaging.

Use Vegan Skincare Products

It can be hard to find the right beauty products for your skin, especially when it comes to vegan products. Always check to see if a moisturizer, cleanser, serums, and balms that promises protection and skin hydration contain animal-derived ingredients such as squalene. For quality vegan skincare products, consider Drunk Elephant and bareMinerals for they are the best options. You can also use VotaryTata Harper, and many other Dermalogica products.

Choose Vegan-Friendly Perfumes

When it comes to animal ingredients, the most common ingredient in beauty products is natural ambergris, which comes from forest swarms, though it’s usually harvested on the beach and not directly from whales. It can be used to bind fragrances. It also includes deer musk and muskrat. To enjoy a pleasant vegan-based scent, rest assured that there are many vegan-friendly perfume brands, such as ChantecailleEdenLe Labo, and Laboratory Perfumes.

curly hair myths

Revealing Some Myths About Curly Hair

Many myths are surrounding curly hair, some of which can be a bit funny. Some of them make people ask themselves if those myths are true. The most important thing why it is necessary to know the truth behind those issues deals with adjusting curly hair care. 

In this case, many curly hair care tips will not work at best if people keep believing the curly hair myth. Thus, this article wants to clarify the truth and story behind those myths to help curly hair people taking care of their hair better.

Constant Rinsing Dries Out Curly Hair

curly hair styleIndeed, this myth is not correct since you can wash your curly hair 1-3 times a week. The one that causes dryness and damage is the added chemicals, such as shampoos that contain sulfates or other chemicals). Thus, curly hair people need to be careful in picking the shampoo while regularly washing their hair is still crucial to prevent their hair from becoming dry and brittle. 

In this case, you can try removing product residue from your hair and scalp diligently. It can prevent hair growth from being inhibited if you use products containing mineral oil, petroleum, and alcohol. A clean scalp is a great way to maintain the flow of natural oils (or sebum). Hence, these oils can act as natural moisturizers for your hair, preventing it from drying out and becoming brittle. At last, water is a good friend of curly hair, but avoid harsh chemicals in shampoos.

Twists, Braids, and Weaves for Curly Hair Cause Alopecia/Hair Loss

curly hair braidThese three hairstyles often come as protective hairstyles, which is ironic because they are fashionable and look great. However, indirectly, they can cause hair loss when the braids are too tight or worn too long. It does so because you have to pull the hair, causing it stress and some damage. However, these hairstyles do not cause alopecia.

You can make your Havanese look great without losing precious hair. Just don’t tighten them too much (or ask your stylist not to). You can also give your hair a break every few weeks by switching from a braided hairstyle to a loose one.

Curly Hair Grows Slower Than Straight or Wavy Hair

The speed at which a person’s hair grows has nothing to do with their race. It can grow 1/4 to 1/2 inches per month, but curly hair does not grow in a straight line. Curly hair grows in curls, so it is slower to appear longer than straight hair. More importantly, untreated curly hair can lead to dryness and other problems. Proper care is necessary if you want your hair to grow longer and avoid damage and split ends.

Curly Hair Is More Difficult to Manage Than Relaxed Hair

This myth is especially true for those transitioning from relaxed hair to curly. Since curly hair is more prone to damage and frizz, it needs special attention. But think about it: curly hair is just as prone to frizz and damage as thin or colored straight hair. Curly hair care is just different. It’s easy to develop a routine in caring for naturally curly hair. Relaxed hair may be easy to style, but the chemical treatment makes it more brittle and difficult to maintain.

Eyebrow embroidery

Things To Consider In Eyebrow Embroidery Beauty

Eyebrow embroidery is one of emerging beauty trends across the world. However, it has become very popular in Asia and countries such as Singapore. In other countries such as Canada, this procedure is known as eyebrow hairline stroke. The procedure is semi-permanent unlike eyebrow tattoos and can last for about two years. The technique involves adding colored pigments to your skin. It fills in empty spots on brows to give them flawless and full look. The procedure can produce natural looks as it uses pigments that are perfectly matched to the actual eyebrow color. This technique is important for thickening the existing eyebrows. It can also darken them to make to make them more apparent.

Know the shape you want for your brows

If you have a regular shape, you can go for it. Are you after alluring/sex brow look or simply innocent/straight browEyebrow embroidery look? Before you undergo the procedure, you need to know the image that suits you best. For some people, the brows can be sparse, and you are not sure what fits your face. The professionals will help you in such case. After you are satisfied with what is drawn in your face, you can go on with the procedure.

Choose eyebrow technique

The common techniques include eyebrow combination, basic eyebrow embroidery, and creative eyebrow. There are more other techniques depending on the beauty center you are going to. The techniques continue to evolve and improve. You will be able to note that distinction between each method. Remember, the technique you choose has its price.

You need time to recover

faceDuring this time, avoid meeting a lot of people. Go for the procedure when you do not have your major events scheduled such as driving trips, social events, gym, swimming classes, and many more. If you meet many people, be sure they will not the changes in your eyebrows, and some will definitely ask you. If you are fine with the additional attention, then that is okay. On the other hand, you may not like some silly comments. For about a week, avoid doing physical activities as they can get your eyebrows into contact with sweat or water, which can wash the dye off.

Washing your face

You are required to use cotton pads and wet soap to wipe your face. A lot of care is needed to avoid wetting your eyebrows. After scabs have peeled off, you are free to wash your face normally.…

Salon service

The Top Trends In Salons

Salons have evolved from days of perm specials of the 80s and hair cut. Nowadays, salons provide various services such as Beauty salon for weight loss and Eyebrow embroidery. The salons of today offer new hairstyles as well as experience. Visit a premium salon today and you will be surprised at the fantastic services that await you. These are some of the services

Hair care

Salon business starts with hair care, but it does not end there. They doBeauty Salon provide aromatherapy hair products, which turn your shampoo into a relaxing oasis. In addition to your styling and cuts, the creativity of stylists continues to be more creative. This is made possible with use of various colors. Most manufacturers offer free lessons and fashion shows for the stylists to attend. Current trends are taught, and there are lots of tools to inspire the creativity of the stylists. Going to a top notch salon center, you are sure to receive professional hair care services.

Esthetician Services

There are many full-service shops that provide esthetician services. These services range from chemical peels to facials and resurfacing. These professionals are well-trained to carry out different spa treatments and Beauty salon massagewaxing. If you have any skin problems, they will recommend right products for you thanks to their training and experience.

Manicure and Pedicure

Salons have manicurists on site to perform the ever popular pedicure and manicure services. Spa pedicures have gained a lot of popularity across the world. This is because the deliver a more invigorating and relaxing experience than just painting the nails. Most centers feature manicurists that carry out arm and hand, as well as foot and leg massage in the same package.


High-end salons offer full massage services. They also offer spa treatments and grooming. You will find many massage treatments provided along with body wraps. This is necessary for relaxing experience. Other services include deep cleansing treatments, moisturizing, and skin toning. You can only find these services in most innovative salons. Beauty salon weight loss

Weight loss
Use of body wraps to smoothen out the skin surface, and cellulite treatments are now offered in salons. Also, fat reduction regimens and treatments are offered. Cleansing treatments and weight loss products are equally provided. You will get professional help with weight loss. There are several reasons why you should visit a beauty salon today. A visit to a high-end salon will yield reliable results. You are sure to get more than just haircut. You will not only be beautified, but you will get out feeling rejuvenated.…

woman touching skin

Effectively Preventing Acne

Acne is a common disease affecting people around the world irrespective of age and gender. It appears from the time of puberty until hits menopause in women. Many people around the world are been affected by this acne condition and the acne scarring effect. Finding the main cause of this is what yu need to put your attention on.

There are some tips and hints on how to prevent acne. Follow these in order to avoid the formation of acne skin disorder.The first tip on how to prevent this condition is woman washing facenever to squeeze the pimple or the blemish, and the boils that occur on the skin. If you do this, the acne will only become severe and cause more irritation and takes a long time to heal. Also, it will leave you with unwanted scars afterwards.

Keep in mind never to go to bed with makeup on. It is one of the worse things you can do to your skin especially if you’re prone to pimples and if you have oily skin. Makeup clogs the skin pores and give way to acne and in return will facehave bad after effects on the skin. Make sure after exercising,and after a long day of work that you take a shower or wash your hands and face. This prevents bacteria to accumulate in the pores and will prevent the acne formation. Clean skin is the best way to prevent acne.

The increasing stress levels can have bad effect on the skin, and can form acne. Take proper measures to reduce stress. Meditation can be very helpful to reduce stress levels in your body. Indulge yourself in a relaxing routine such as yoga or a breathing technique. These methods can be useful to help out with acne problems.…